Special Cash Back Promotion

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If you have signed up for a cabin account already, you can get your bonus

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If you haven’t signed up for a cabin account already, click here and enjoy our bonus

1. This promotion is valid for three months starting from 14th November 2016

2. All profits made with the deposit in cashback account are withdrawable. However, the original deposit amount shouldn't be removed within the first three months from the date of deposit. If removed, then that account will not be eligible for this bonus.

3. The cashback will be calculated and added to account at the end of every month, which can only be withdrawn altogether at the end of three months (90 Days) from the date of the deposit.

4. The maximum amount payable under the Cash Back Rebate Offer each month is 10% of the largest deposit of that month.

5. Traders under IBs need to contact their IBs for joining this Cash Back offer.

6. The maximum leverage will be automatically changed to 1:200 once the account equity reaches $10,000.



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