User Guide

Trader Personal Cabin is an environment designed to provide the trader an easy access to his personal and private information. In this cabin you are able to access everything related to your personal information and account statistics, to perform deposit and withdrawal operations while communicating whit our Technical Support Desk as well.


1. To Register (get it started!)

How to sign up with the Personal Cabin?
First sign in the Registration page and sign up with the Trader Cabin to get access to the private account. To register enter to the registration page ( Note that you can register only by your real IP. You can click on i (circle) which is containing further, in case you need any additional information on any option’s field. Please consider to fill the fields by English language. An activation link will be sent through your email address which consists of information you had filled via registration process. You would not be able to use the cabin before having your email activated. If you confirm the information, click on the activation link in your inbox to have the registration process completed. After activating your account, a MT4 account will be created for you and its detail will be sent to your email. Now you can sign in into your own private cabin by your username & password. Choose “Sign in” from the cabin menu and enter username and password you have chosen during registration process. You can click on “forgot your password?” if you have forgotten the credentials. The new fresh password will be sent to you as soon as possible.

2. To Upload Documents

2.1. How to upload my identification documents?
When you singed in to your cabin, you have to upload your identification documents firstly. To perform this, click on the “Document Upload” from the cabin menu, then you will enter to the upload page and take the necessary steps. Your documents will be reviewed for 24 hours and if confirmed your cabin account status will be promoted and a ticket will be built for you automatically which the details will be sent to your email address too. Also you are supposed to receive a message on a new received ticket. Press “Ok” for the message to be redirected to the ticket’s page and there is a message from Back Office Desk which says your documents are confirmed. If negative, you’ll be requested to resend the docs and you’ll be notified by the ticket system, you will have 1 week deadline to upload your docs, otherwise your account would be rejected and closed.

3. PIN Code

3.1. How to specify my PIN Code?
After confirmation process gone through, now you are ought to choose a private PIN Code on the cabin for yourself. The PIN is an additional security tool to keep your cabin secured. All requests that need the PIN to be entered to be done, would not be performed if the PIN is wrong. Click on “PIN Code” from the Menu, a message will be sent to your inbox to assign a PIN Code immediately. Sign in to your email and click on "Assign/Change your pin number" to be redirected to PIN Code assignation page. In this page you can specify a PIN Code which only is consisting of numbers and then click on “SAVE”. After the PIN is determined, now you have access to all features of the cabin.
3.2. How to modify my PIN Code?
In “Account” menu and then “Your Information”, you can change your PIN Code from the bottom of the page. To perform this click on “Change PIN Code”, immediately a message containing a link to change the PIN Code will be sent to you. After clicking on the link you would be redirected to register or change the PIN Code page and there you are able to specify the new PIN just consisting of numbers and then press the “SAVE” button.

4. To Deposit

4.1. Bank Deposit

After you have chosen your PIN Code, it’s time to charge your account. Pick “Bank Transfer” from Deposit menu to enter the respective page if you have deposited your fund into bank account. In this page enter the amount to deposit and the upload the amount deposited document. Enter the PIN Code and click on “Generating Send Money Ticket” button. A ticket will be generated automatically and after your ticket was reviewed by Back Office, the deposit would be added to your meta trader account.

4.2. Online Deposit
Under Construction.

5. To Withdraw

5.1. Bank Withdrawal
To withdraw from your bank account go through “Money Withdrawal” menu and pick “Bank Transfer”. Fill out all parts of the form carefully. Please fill the form by English language. Note that the bank account number must be the one you have entered at the time the registration by the cabin and is existing in your private information page too. Then enter your PIN Code and press on make a withdrawal ticket button. A ticket will be made for your withdrawal and after getting reviewed by Order Desk would be executed properly.
5.2. Online Withdrawal
Under Construction.

6. Account(s) Menu

6.1. Accounts Menu \ Your Credentials
In this page you can see information you had entered in registration process and you can change/modify them in case you need. To modify just enter your PIN Code on the lower box and then click on “Modify Personal Information”. This way the information page will pop up and there you can add any new information you need to be modified and thereafter click on “Send” button to save changes. After any modification you will receive an email including new modified information.
6.2. Accounts Menu \ Meta Trader Credentials
This page helps you access to your Meta trader account either open a new fresh Meta trader account. In “Your MT4 account summary” box you are able to see your own Meta trader accounts. In “Positions\Orders” box as it appears by the name, you would be able to look at orders & positions existing in your account. In “Make a New MT4 Subscription” box you can add a new fresh Meta trader account into connected to your private cabin. In case not having an account not connected to the cabin, just add it to your private cabin from “Adding Current MT4 Subscription to Your Account” box as well. Thereafter, a ticket related to this request will be popped up for you and the Order Desk will review it concerning to connect your account to the cabin.
6.3. Accounts Menu \ Account Operations
In this box you can save your account history in different formats as well.

7. Ticket Menu

7.1. Ticket \ Managing Tickets
In ticket management box, you will be observing all open tickets. When one of those tickets is being answered back, you will get a message that says your ticket has been answered back. You will be able to see every ticket of yours which have been answered back by coming to this box and have the ticket clicked. If necessary you can send your own answer to the ticket or just close it. To close a ticket click on “Close Ticket”. This ticket will be transferred to closed tickets area after having it closed.
7.2. Ticket \ Issue Request Review Form

If you encountered an issue with the meta trader which is unknown to you, you are in need of filling this form to get it reviewed by our Client Care Desk (Back Office). You just need to fill out all required information and attach a shot from your meta trader screen to the form. Then click on send the compliant. This way a ticket will be made automatically for you. To follow up your tickets go to “Ticket Management” area from Ticket menu. Stay put for the answer from Order Desk Technical support Team. This will take normally between 2-3 working days to be reviewed and resolved and will let you know from the ticket you sent for.

7.3. Ticket \ Modify or Removing an Order
This form is a multiple form that you might be in need of filling every part of it in case and then by entering the PIN Code, you can send one. This form is made of 4 parts which includes Sending The Order, Removing The Order, Sending The Take Profit or Stop Loss, Changing (Modification) of Take Profit or Stop Loss. Every one of these which is filled, a ticket is being made automatically and your request will be sent to Order Desk to be executed. Note that these commands would not be executed automatically in your meta trader account and the Order Desk will review and then execute them.
7.4. Ticket \Opening and Closing out the Position
Also, in this page you can do commands related to Opening a position, closing out a position, sending take profit and/or to modify it just by filling out every required parts, then enter your PIN Code. A ticket will be made for that automatically and your request will be sent to Order Desk to be executed. Note that these commands would not be executed automatically in your meta trader account and the Order Desk will review and then execute them.

In case of any question or recommendation on Trader Personal Cabin, please just let us know. Reviewing all your comments will be surly considered accurately to enhance this service for your convenience.

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